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Articling at Bell Temple LLP is a great way to prepare for a litigation career. Do not, however, take our word alone.  Here are what a few of our former articling students had to say about their time with us:


"Bell Temple provided me with an intensive litigation experience that helped me develop my skills as an advocate. Not only did my articling term include frequent attendances for motions and pre-trial conferences, but I also had carriage of my own files from their initial stages through to final resolution by trial or negotiated settlement."
Derek Abreu - 2002

"Articling at Bell Temple provided me with an excellent introduction to the world of litigation. From my first day, I had carriage of several files and regularly attended in Court. The 'door is always open' atmosphere gave me the opportunity to learn a great deal from experienced lawyers who were always willing to answer my infinite number of questions."
Elissa Boyle - 2005

"Articling at Bell Temple was an invaluable experience. Throughout the articling term, I was given a wide range of assignments, including researching of interesting legal issues, drafting court documents, assisting with trial preparation and appeals, and negotiating settlements. I was also provided with a number of my own small claims court files, which helped me gain meaningful practical experience in dealing with opposing counsel and reporting to clients. In addition to having interesting work, I also had the opportunity to observe skilled litigators conducting examinations and mediations.

I am continually impressed with the atmosphere at Bell Temple. Starting your legal career can be extremely intimidating, but the firm's genuine open door policy allowed me to bring my questions to associates and partners with ease and comfort. I feel very fortunate to have articled and continued my legal career at such a supportive firm."
Bahareh Kazemi - 2010

"Bell Temple consistently challenged me to perfect my advocacy skills and knowledge of the law by working closely with and learning from some of the best litigation lawyers in Canada. As an articling student, I was thrust into the heat of aggressive advocacy by arguing opposed motions, handling my own small claims files, dealing with clients, attending examinations for discovery and mediations, sitting in on Court of Appeal proceedings, and negotiating settlements. Choosing Bell Temple is an excellent way to start your legal career."
Ryan Truax - 2012


"My first year at Bell Temple was a whirlwind of top-level litigation experience. From drafting motion records and attending court, to working alongside the partners and preparing for trials and arbitrations, I was fully immersed in the job. I gained immeasurable exposure to the litigation process, developed my skills as an advocate, and deepened my knowledge of the law. I can't imagine a better place to article."
Brenda Cuneo - 2014


"The articling program at Bell Temple is an incredibly rewarding experience. It was clear from day one that the firm strives to develop and challenge students to build on their knowledge, confidence, and advocacy skills in order to succeed as future associates. The work is interesting and hands-on, and the lawyers and staff provide outstanding mentorship and guidance to support your success. The work environment is the perfect mix of social and professional, and your colleagues treat you with respect and trust. I am truly fortunate to have begun my legal career with Bell Temple."
Josh Marcus - 2017