Areas of Practice


    For more than 70 years, Bell Temple LLP has provided legal services to corporations, insurers and other clients in all fields of civil litigation. This includes being appointed as counsel in some of the highest profile and precedent setting cases in the country, including complex, multi-million dollar disputes.

Lawyers at Bell Temple travel throughout all jurisdictions in the province and attend at all levels of court, from Small Claims to the Court of Appeal, and including matters before the Supreme Court of Canada. We are also regularly retained to advance our clients' interests at arbitrations, mediations, settlement conferences, Tribunal hearings and College complaint hearings.   

Our primary areas of practice include:

     ♦  Personal injury / casualty – defence and plaintiff arising out of motor vehicle accidents, product 
          liability, tavern or social host liability, and occupiers' liability

     ♦  Statutory Accident Benefits claims, including Priority and Loss Transfer disputes

     ♦  Property damage defence and subrogation including fire, flood and water losses, explosion and  
          collapse claims, computer theft, first party losses and business interruption claims

     ♦  Construction claims

     ♦  Class action claims, including joint defence strategies, negotiating multi-party settlements, and
          responding to certification motions

     ♦  Coverage counsel for specialty insurance claims, including commercial general liability, fidelity and
          guarantee, duty to defend/indemnify, policy exclusions, and bad faith issues 

     ♦  Appeals, including judicial review applications and matters before the Divisional Court, Court of Appeal
          for Ontario, and the Supreme Court of Canada

     ♦  Sexual abuse claims

     ♦  Disability and Life Insurance claims, including opinions regarding entitlement and policy exclusions

     ♦  Professional liability defence litigation including insurance brokers and real estate agents

     ♦  Insurance fraud / arson

     ♦  Complex claims involving wrongful dismissal, libel and slander, environmental contamination,
          oil spills/oil leaks, marine and aviation disasters


Bell Temple LLP is a firm of highly skilled trial lawyers and innovative litigators.  re