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Meet Your Mentor

At Bell Temple LLP, not only do you get challenging, hands-on litigation work experience, you also receive superior guidance and expert coaching throughout your term with us.

Our Partners and senior Associates serve as Articling Principals and Mentors for our students.  They are here to guide you, oversee your progress and assist you in meeting and exceeding all of your articling goals.  Our students undergo a formal training program comprised of four "Lunch and Learn" Seminars  that cover topics ranging from how to effectively argue motions in court, understanding the various insurance regimes and statutes, to practice management issues.  Each of these Seminars is chaired by a Partner, and they are invaluable to our students' development into top-flight litigators.

In addition, regular meetings with your Mentor will take place in order to:

  • review your work progress

  • gain valuable feedback on completed assignments

  • assess your ongoing performance with Bell Temple lawyers and clients

Our open door policy also means that you are free to approach any Bell Temple Partner or Associate for information, guidance or assistance in order to deepen your knowledge and achieve the best results possible on the work you are assigned.